There are very few things that look better than comfort feels. With the oversized coat trend continuing and temperatures dropping, thick and cozy sounds like the perfect outerwear fix. Permission to leave the house in your favorite robe and still look refined and polished? Now it’s possible.


While the oversized coat can look akin to classic men’s outerwear, this version has a softer more shape. Sharp tailoring is replaced with curved lapels and hidden pockets, and stiff heavy fabric is swapped out for a super-soft wool.


Wearing baggy or oversized pieces as part of an outfit is a good thing but don’t use it as an excuse for an entirely shapeless silhouette. Tailoring still has a presence here. It’s part of a much wider trend for more extreme looks. Its appearance on all sorts of different catwalks just shows how much impact the 90s are having on visuals.


However, all this being said the length of an overcoat in this day and age is debatable. Not many young professionals want to look like The Penguin with a coat that sits way past their knees, so some of the properties of and overcoat and topcoat have been blending to make a hybrid overcoat –


I wore so simple a turtleneck black shirt and black jeans with hight black boots, feeling super confortable and looking super clean.


See you soon guys!!!