Mosa Event/5 Pointz at citizenM

The new citizenM hotel is opening on the oldest street in NYC– Bowery! citizenM goal is to create affordable luxury for the people. The traveler who appreciates design, location, and comfort. citizenM aims to pay tribute to the citizens of the Bowery. 


The Museum of Street Art (MoSA) celebrates the meeting of artists from different countries and culture, their creativity and their art, the spirit is still alive and kicking. I am a fan of the murals, I am always on the lookout for fun art, especially in New York. CitizenM and 5 Pointz has an incredible exhibition with 21 artists who painted their stairs in the new #mosabowery location with spray paint. 


I attended to enjoy a spectacular event live with all of them celebrating art in a big way. Artists include ... Meres one (New York), DJALOUZ (Paris), PYTHON (New York), SEE TF (New York) ), CORTES (New York), Elle street art (Los Angeles), Zimad (New York), NEVER (Atlanta), THE YOK (Australia), Jerms (New York), Trans1 (London), Noir (London), Topaz (New York), Sheryo (Singapore), Twin (New York), SOULS (New York), Vince Ballentine (New York), Danielle Mastrion (New York), Toofly (Ecuador), Damien Mitchell (Australia), Rabbi D and Grand Fellow, Lady Pink, Rubin415, Esteban Del Valle and Don Rmix. 


They have living rooms as inviting as possible, atmosphere created by multiple corners for working and eating, lounges for relaxing, and places for sitting and watching TV. At the entrance of the hotel we received a show of incredible dancers welcoming us, the lobby staff were super warm and they offered us tea, coffee, water or soft drinks, then we went down to the bar where they received us with incredible cocktails, super delicious drinks and an exquisite service from the bartenders, always with a smile. The waiters came out with several amazing and tasty appetizers including my favorite, a mini burger with a mini soda.


Then we continued with the host, who showed us the 21 murals of the staircases and told us the story behind each of them, their inspiration and nationality, my favorite was "The Bowery Boys". for the history behind, The Bowery Boys were a nativist, anti-Catholic, and anti-Irish gang based out of the Bowery neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City in the early-mid-19th century. In contrast with the Irish immigrant tenement of the Five Points, one of the worst city slums in America, the Bowery was a much more well-off working class community. Despite its reputation as one of the most notorious street gangs of New York City at the time, the majority of the Bowery Boys led law-abiding lifestyles for most of the week. The gang was made up exclusively of volunteer firemen—though some also worked as tradesmen, mechanics, and butchers (the primary trade of prominent leader William "Bill the Butcher" Poole)—and would fight rival fire companies over who would extinguish a fire. While acting in capacity as a gang (and aided by other Bowery gangs), the Bowery Boys often battled multiple outfits of the infamous Five Points, most notably the Dead Rabbits, with whom they would feud for decades. The uniform of a Bowery Boy generally consisted of a stovepipe hat in variable condition, a red shirt, and dark trousers tucked into boots, this style paying homage to their roots as volunteer firemen. 


Then we returned to the livingroom and enjoyed a magical moment with exceptional musicians and artists. This was the perfect environment for people like me, who love culture, creativity, talent, and art in general. It was an incredible event.


you can book a tour here or find more information about citizenM MoSA on this page!