I know, wearing denim on denim  was considered a cardinal sin the fashion world. But that's not the case anymore.


Can you wear denim on denim? It’s a pretty ridiculous question – of course you can. It was once deemed a cardinal sin in the fashion world but it’s now widely accepted. 

Double denim isn’t the easiest trend to pull off – and when it goes wrong it, boy does it go wrong – but get it right and you’re looking at a massive pay off. It’s the menswear equivalent of a handstand press-ups or beef Wellington; only the pros can do it.


The majority of your efforts should be focused on ensuring both denims are visibly different. Similarly, if wearing two blue washes, break things up with a white tee or grey sweatshirt – for perhaps the first time in menswear history, a blue knit or T-shirt isn’t the safe option here.

Considering the amount of denim that finds its way into men’s wardrobes, it’s hard to see how we couldn’t delve into this look every now and again. One of the plus sides has to be the fact that you can achieve it without having to try too hard. It’s also not just for casual events either, although it’s never going to be appropriate for a black tie event, it can still look smart. And with the sheer amount of denim out there right now, smarter pieces are a lot more accessible.

In my case I wore a bomber denim jacket, ripped jeans and white shirt & white sneakers.


See you soon guys!