Hello Autumn

Hello Otoño, al menos en NYC este año los cambios de temperaturas fue un poco anticipado para lo que me esperaba,  y esa son las señales que nos indican que así mismo debemos cambiar nuestro guardarropa, o comenzar a despolvar y lavar (Opción 2) hacer mix and match particularmente yo soy amante de los sombreros, con esto quiero decir que esta temporada que por  cierto una de mis "Favoritas" lo estaré utilizando mas a menudo por que te dan un toque genial y al mismo tiempo transforman tu outfit.


Esta vez utilize Blue jeans, sweeter, chaqueta, y sombrero negros, por supuesto mi Nutsac Bag que no podia faltar, para romper un poco utilize unos tennis dorado, dandole el toque ideal y casual para seguir caminando y disfrutando del buen clima por las calles de New York, dandole la bienvenida a una nueva temporada.


Hello Autumn!!!! NYC had a very drastic temperature change that caught us all by surprise, which just tells us its time to update our wardrobe just as quickly. So dig into your closet, start dusting and cleaning and take out all the fall favorites.

I personally love to mix and match the old, with the new. The one accessory that should not be missing in your wardrobe are hats. which you will be seeing in my posts very frequently this season, they add a great touch to any outfit!


In this occasion I used blue jeans, a sweater, a jacket and a black hat. My Nutsac bag, which can never go wrong and finally added a pop of color with my gold colored sneakers. What better way to walk down the streets of NY and welcome the Fall!

Summer Vibes

The days are getting warmer by the minute, so when the temperature kept rising, I decided to unwind and relax poolside style.


I combined a lite blue linen shirt, breezy and fresh, with navy blue shorts. NOTE: be cautious of mixing and matching too many colors, the idea is to create harmony by combining different shades of the same color. For this warm summer day I went different shades of blue. I added a some life by color blocking the blue with orange sandals with a summery lobster print. A comfortable rubber sole shoe is always the best option for poolside, we want to look great on our feet, and avoid slippery surfaces while doing so.


When the bubblies arrived I kicked back in my chez lounge switched it up by changing into a small print shirt and enjoyed a poolside breeze and a magical afternoon.


RockAway Bound

In the first days of summer I received an invitation from my dear friend, Cynthia Spoon, telling me to get ready, "cause we're going to the beach", being this my first time ever going to a beach in New York. 



Rockaway beach is a magical place that comes to life every summer, a place where bathers can enjoy the warm sand on their feet and the refreshing water soothing them from the addicting sun rays, great and diverse concessions, and awesome surfing. When you add a variety of restaurants and an even greater variety of gastronomical venues to choose from, this place is simplyheavenly.


immediately I heard the word beach, the first thing that came to mind was the color white, fresh, lite, and comfortable to wear, not to mention one of the seasons most coveted colors. I paired my white t-shirt with my denim shorts and of course, my EDSEL BOOTS, perfectly made for the journey ahead. Comfortable, sturdy and elegant, with rubber soles that make every step like walking on clouds. Their artful and elegant 3M design with a suede base and a mesh finish gave my outfit the edge I needed to feel perfectly styled and on point. To complete and add some edge to my look y added some blue streaks, to contrast my black hair.


I took the season's favorites an added my personal Caribbean touch with a splash of vibrant colors to contrast and have the perfect balance between the two, and enjoyed the best of my "sun, Sand and Sea”