Either wondered how you can pull off wearing denim with denim? Do you have a favourite pair of jeans and a denim shirt that you love, but you’ve never been brave enough to wear them together? It’s time to push your fears aside and embrace the double denim trend!


The best way to look smart in denim is to keep your outfit fresh. That means avoiding distressed fabric and instead, going for muted down colours. A shearling denim jacket is a smarter option that you could consider if you want something that’s a little more interesting than your standard.


As with all styling, an outfit is either made or broken depending on the fit – if you get clothing that fits you well, you’ll find it can look a lot more impressive than an equivalent that doesn’t fit you well. There’s no point spending a ridiculous amount on a jacket, only to walk around like a child in their brother’s hand me downs. Get the fit right and everything else will follow.


Now, however, double denim is back and it’s everywhere! From the runway to the high street, and on the backs of every A-list celebrity in between, this is the one trend that every man should and can get right this year.