Make it Last: A good leather jacket will stay with you for decades.


Choosing a simple, classic design like a double rider or A2-style bomber will ensure that it never really goes out of style and works with more items in your wardrobe. Avoid heavy embellishments, unnecessary zippers, etc. Less is more! And to make sure your investment is long-lived, be aware of the material- lambskin, for example, may be soft and supple but is nowhere near as tough as cowhide or goat!


The leather biker jacket is one of the most versatile and easy to wear jackets going. Opting for the most iconic pairing; try wearing your black leather biker jacket with a plain white T-shirt and a pair of raw denim jeans. This an instantly classic and casual look, perfect for most day-to-day occasions.

I choose to use it with a shirt of very autumnal colors, Black hat and super comfy white sneakers,achieving a super easy and stylish look.


See you soon guys!!!