A better planet with Brita


Plastic is a polyvalent material that can be found anywhere in our daily lives, bottles, toys, “plasticwear” among other things. The problem with this is, long lasting and can linger for hundreds of years if not disposed of properly.


8 million tons of plastics end up in our oceans every year, the equivalent of dumping 1 truckload of plastic disposables every minute, which if it carried on, by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in our seas than fish. Most of these plastics are very lite weight, meaning the colume that could be accumulated is astounding. Is this really the environment we want to live in?


Given my hope of living in a planet free of pollution for myself and generations to come, I find the Brita Filtering Bottle very useful for my fast paced New York City lifestyle. My Brita Filtering Bottle is very easy to carry, reusable, and carries up to 20oz of water. Best of all, its double -insulated interior keeps my water cold for upn to 24 hours. Its leakproof cap lets me carry it in my bag, with my other belongings, worry free.


I can say it has been very reassuring to know that I am able to hydrate at my convenience and not worry about harming the environment.


Let's make our planet more habitable for us and the generations to come. Get yours today here and let me know what sustainable swaps you will be making!