Suede Leather Jacket

There are few pieces of menswear more versatile than the suede jacket. And with the style-theme of the summer heading towards a relaxed, more casual, 1970s-inspired aesthetic, now is as good a time as any to invest in this multi-talented stalwart of outerwear.


Jeans, t-shirt and a suede/leather jacket, it’s that simple. For a causal look this partnership is tough to argue with. If the temperatures drop you may wish to layer your ensemble with a merino knit crew neck sweater or a hoody for a more causal edge.


Jackets are the best accessory for guys which is why we’ve already covered in great detail the trending men’s Denim Jackets and Bomber Jackets. Now here are some basic tips that you should keep in mind for when you decide to wear a suede jacket.


When wearing suede simple is stylish.

Keep the suede jacket in a cool and dry place in summers.

Suede absorbs stains. Buy a suede brush or eraser beforehand for cleaning them. Paper towels can be used to remove stains of juice or tea and baking soda can be used for removing tougher stains like that of grease and oil.

Stay away from funky combos.

Being one of the most comfortable things you’ll probably ever own, a suede jacket is just something that cannot miss from a man’s closet. A suede jacket is also likely to be one of the most high maintenance pieces of clothing you’ll purchase.

in my case I wear shirt and black and ripped jeans with black shoes a super relaxed and casual look.


See you soon guys!