The fashion of 1990’s was moving more towards on easygoing . Shirts, shorts, baggy pants, Adidas, sweatsuits, baseball caps, visors, tattoos, piercings, were becoming part of man’s closet with that many brands comprised with this and participated in designing more casual outfits.


While we all look forward to updating our sunglasses in the summer, a new trend may give you second thoughts about shelling out for shades. Visors popped up on many a model’s head during the Spring 2018 and Fall 2018 seasons. Leading the charge was Christian Dior, whose colorful versions (sold under the brand’s eyewear label) have already become must-haves for the Insta famous.


Long socks had a serious moment in the 90’s. The Chili Peppers wore them over their calves (and other stuff). White socks were so damn popular that their purchases probably paid for a few cushy retirements.


I loved traveling at 90's through clothes.

see you soon guys!