New York is one of the most iconic holiday destinations in the world and rightfully so! I had never been to New York, but my love of the holiday season finally inspired me to plan a trip. 


I had always dreamed of admiring the beautifully decorated windows of 5th Avenue, ice skating in Central Park, tasting the roasted chestnuts of a street vender and feeling the cold kiss of a snowflake while standing in Times Square.


My best friend and I were in our last year of college so, as with most “struggling students,” we had no idea how we could possibly afford a trip to New York at Christmas. We planned well ahead of time and made two money-saving decisions; we booked our flights months in advance and decided to get a discount city pass.


I’m not a fan of sightseeing tours and typically prefer to get lost in a city in order to discover its charm. But, for a first time trip to NY during the holidays, I highly recommend consider getting a discount pass, especially if you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing. 

We had a blast being tourists and went to almost every famous attraction in the city! Here’s how we managed to spend Christmas in New York on a budget!