RockAway Bound

In the first days of summer I received an invitation from my dear friend, Cynthia Spoon, telling me to get ready, "cause we're going to the beach", being this my first time ever going to a beach in New York. 



Rockaway beach is a magical place that comes to life every summer, a place where bathers can enjoy the warm sand on their feet and the refreshing water soothing them from the addicting sun rays, great and diverse concessions, and awesome surfing. When you add a variety of restaurants and an even greater variety of gastronomical venues to choose from, this place is simplyheavenly.


immediately I heard the word beach, the first thing that came to mind was the color white, fresh, lite, and comfortable to wear, not to mention one of the seasons most coveted colors. I paired my white t-shirt with my denim shorts and of course, my EDSEL BOOTS, perfectly made for the journey ahead. Comfortable, sturdy and elegant, with rubber soles that make every step like walking on clouds. Their artful and elegant 3M design with a suede base and a mesh finish gave my outfit the edge I needed to feel perfectly styled and on point. To complete and add some edge to my look y added some blue streaks, to contrast my black hair.


I took the season's favorites an added my personal Caribbean touch with a splash of vibrant colors to contrast and have the perfect balance between the two, and enjoyed the best of my "sun, Sand and Sea”